Mikko Kuisma - Violin

Mikko Kuisma - Violin - Kallaton

Mikko Kuisma

studied classical violin in Finland at the Pohjois-Pirkanmaa Music School and at the Conservatoire of Central Finland in Jyväskylä and played in various orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Active also in the Finnish folk music scene, he was a member of Vinku who won the Finnish Championship in Folk Music in 1994. With Vinku Mikko performed both in Finland and abroad, including major festivals, such as Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland and the Tavaszi Fesztivál in Hungary. Vinku’s CD Sahantälläri, containing mostly Mikko’s own compositions and arrangements, was released in 1999. In addition to his classical and folk music work, Mikko also appeared on an album by the Finnish cult prog rock band Absoluuttinen Nollapiste in 2003. Mikko is one of the founding members and the musical leader of the FinnTango band Uusikuu and has since 2006 performed with Uusikuu in numerous concert halls and festivals in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Finland. Fitting to a musician keen to fuse different musical styles and traditions, his debut performance in Berlin was with Suomiplatense that merges the tango traditions of Finland and the South American Rio de la Plata region.