Laura Ryhänen - Vocals

Laura Rhyänen - Vocals - Kallaton

Laura Ryhänen

studied singing with Anni Kentala and Sirkka Haavisto in her native Finland. She specialised in music during her Master of Education studies in Kajaani, Finland, and was involved in diverse music projects from folk to jazz and techno. After moving to Germany, Laura became a founding member and lead singer of the FinnTango band Vaaralliset Huulet and Folk trio Jääräpäät. Since 2006 she has been the lead singer of Finnish tango band Uusikuu. In addition to recording and performing across Europe, Laura and Uusikuu have been involved in film and theatre productions. In 2008 Laura wrote lyrics to two tangos that featured in the film Finnischer Tango. She also recorded them with Uusikuu for their debut album and for the film soundtrack. In 2012 Laura and Uusikuu were involved in a German language premiere of the play Olga (written by Finnish playright Laura Ruohonen) at Landestheater Tübingen. After the joint success of Olga and Uusikuu in Germany, director Andrej Kritenko is planning to bring the play to the UK later in 2013. Laura has also been active in Finnish-Argentinian tango fusion projects. Uusikuu collaborated with bandoneonist Marcelo Nisinman in 2008, and in 2011 Laura and Kallaton-violinist Mikko Kuisma were involved in the project Suomiplatense with singer Fernando Miceli, pianist Pablo Portela and bandoneonist Peter Reil. Laura’s other key collaborators throughout the years have included Drum 'n' Bass producers Simon V and Resound and singer-songwriter Mäkkelä.