Florian Dohrmann - Double Bass

Florian Dohrmann - Double Bass - Kallaton

Florian Dohrmann

born in Tübingen in 1972, studied double bass in the jazz and pop department of the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart. Chamber jazz groups working on original compositions have been Florian’s main musical focus, and this he begun already before his formal studies, for instance in Modern Walkin’ with Rainer Tempel. In addition to leading to recordings and performances around Europe, it also helped to develop his own musical vision. Since the founding of The David Orlowsky Trio in 1997, Florian has been deeply involved in the conceptual and musical development of the band. Advance Music published a selection of his compositions for the music book Klezmania in 2004. Music books Noema and Nessiah were published in 2011.

Whenever Florian has the time, he comes back to his beloved jazz. He is involved as a musician in a number of projects and has since 2006 fronted his own Cool-Jazz band the Florian Dohrmann Quartett. Their album Medium Dry came out in 2008.